The RealCompOnline login portal is a service that processes a large amount of real estate data. Anyone can easily access this portal from devices connected to the Internet to obtain real estate information.


It ranks 28,281 in the world traffic ranking. RealcompOnline organization has the most real estate data of any Michigan real estate data provider. This connection portal offers a service that processes a large amount of real estate data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who/what is RealcompOnline?

RealcompOnline II Ltd. is proud to be Michigan’s largest multi-listing service, providing industry-leading real-time MLS data services, support, and training for the real estate industry.

How can I report my annual production and inventory?

RCO3 offers agents two options for this; Production inventory and production inventory of agents and agents from last year. The first option allows you to run your production for the current year. The second option allows you to run last year’s production. Both reports can be found under the “Market Reports” tab.

How do I print a copy of my previous RealcompOnline invoices/receipts for my records/taxes?

You can print copies of your receipts by going to “External Links”, “My RealcompOnline Account” and clicking on the link “Click here to view/pay your invoice” (on the left). In the upper right corner, you will see a link to “View Paid and Unpaid Invoices.”


How to use logical search options and how not to use them?

Each of these options has different roles in the ticket search. For example, “AND” finds items that contain EACH of the selected options. “AND” finds items that contain ALL of the selected options. “No” finds items that do not contain any of the selected options. These options behave like the classic system drop-down menu, containing Apply All Selections, Apply All Selections, and Clear Selections. By default, all fields are set to “Y”, which is what users typically want when searching.

How can I search for properties in a particular subdivision?

The detailed and comprehensive search masks for the categories of homes and multi-family homes already contain the subdivision of the search field in their standard criteria. More research, However, the subdivision search box can be added to any property search.